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Kindly ensure that the following conditions are met, to enable us to process your exchange and serve you better:

  • Once any order is dispatched there is no provision for cancellation or return after delivery because we ship our orders through courier agents so once order is dispatched we have no access to cancel delivery or take back the material through its destination. It will deliver on the provided address by the customer and we can not schedule it for return from customer address to our address
  • we provide sealed packing of materials and once seal is broken by customer then repacking of material is not possible.
  • If there is any problem in packing or quantity . Without a parcel opening video of complete product quality team will not be able to execute the return or refund to the vendor, so that stands mandatory.
  • No return or exchange on sold products, except where the item is faulty or defective. Parcel opening video shall be required in this situation. If an exchange is not possible at our end, a redemption voucher shall be issued of the value of exchange. The redemption voucher can be redeemed for a fresh online purchase, within the validity period of 15 days
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